How To Terraform Venus (Quickly)

Publisert 6. juli. 2021
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Leaving earth to find new homes in space is an old dream of humanity and will sooner or later be necessary for our survival. The planet that gets the most attention is Mars, a small, toxic and energy poor planet that just about seems good enough for a colony of depressed humans huddled in underground cities.

But what if we think bigger? What if we take Venus, one of the most hostile and deadly places in the solar system and turn it into a colony? Not by building lofty cloud cities, but by creating a proper second earth? It might be easier than you think.

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  • but i dont think anyone live there. when mirror get damaged by one little small fragement, every one who were there would get hot boilded death

  • Venus has such a slow day, the mass drivers could be used to speed it up.

  • 🤯

  • I love how germany shares their knowledge lmao

  • Our mirrors will blot out the sun. Nice referance haha (if it is one)

  • Elon Musk: *taking notes*

  • Deppressed humans living in underground bases. Seems like a discord mod would thrive in those conditions

  • just my opinion: I think a planet like mars would be easier to terraform and make into a planet with life on it. The issue with Venus and its terraformation is that it would take thousands of years to complete, and we don't exactly know whether or not life will still exist by then. On the other hand, Mars would be much easier since it isn't a burning hot planet and it is already capable of containing things such as water. All we would need to do is put enough gases to form a sufficient atmosphere in which we could filter in air and make life. Or, we don't have to filter in air and we could all live with astronaut suits until we filter in air. In general, it would take only around 200-300 years or so to make Mars suitable for life

  • Do it to Earth first.

  • Do a face reveal

  • Ty I'm on the way to venus

  • you think if we attach a shit ton of rockets to a planet then just make the rockjets move will a planet actually move in the direction we're trying to get it to?

  • Its actually a good idea to use CO2 to heat up Mars and to make the Atmosphere more like Earth

  • This guy is probably from the future because how the heck does he know it?

  • Pfft! All you need is a giant white ball in the sky and some alien robots to build some vault made of glass


  • 1:21 hoy shit that was graphic😱

  • its sad that we wont be there if they do, do this

  • Actually mercury is the hottest planet because of it's acid rain.

  • If we could actually fix Venus just a thought 💭 why wouldn’t we just fix the 🌍

  • Awesome, after we terraform earth we are good to go.

  • Kurzgesagt: "Terraforming Venus is easier than you think" Also Kurzgesagt: "Lets move all the Ice from Europa to Venus"

  • but what if pokemon was a real thing?

  • Pikachu!

  • It's funny to think that our species would still be biological in a couple of millennia from now, or that they would need to terraform any planet by then...

  • 7:50 I see some artist has been playing Splatoon 2

  • Bro wasting thousands of years is useless and we should just terraform the earth back but...... Ah. will th ehumans be alive after that much time? Global warming,mELTING OF GLACIERS,Flodding etc. Would the humans be alive? Non-senseable words//

  • Ooooh I love astronomy with kurzgezagt

  • 1:24 that was… sad RIP purple bird

  • Really nice videos But I thank you're wrong when you say that the only limit is our imagination. There is another one : resources needed to create all kind of things necessary for this project. Even if there is other resources on other planet, we must don't forgot that some of them aren't renewable

  • 01:15f: Can Venus's atmosphere really be 93 times denser than ours? I heared of the pressure being so but it's absolute temperature is also higher by a factor of roughly 2½.

  • I really want this to happen

  • Why not take CO2 from Venus and pump it onto Mars? That could make them both a livable temperature 🤯

  • 1:22 Omfg that was disturbing... Didn't expect such a gruesome thing to happen in such a video that appears to be kid-friendly based on it's art style. It's like watching the Teletubbies, and seeing them all die violently. 😂😵🤯😳🙈

  • Send some of the dry ice to Mars and it'll give it a thicker atmosphere and warmer temperatures so we can have three planets to live on.

  • I can't read through >30k comments, but has anyone asked how a CO2 moon could possibly be stable? Wouldn't the side facing the sun get hotter than our moon's and therefore the CO2 would rapidly sublimate away? - and probably be sucked back down to Venus! Another question is about how to conduct all the engineering, in space, of a planet-size mirror or set of mirrors, and how to keep them exactly in place over the 60+ years needed. Meanwhile I'm surprised it would take 60 years to cool Venus to 31°C, I'm sure it wouldn't take anything like that long to turn Earth into pan-Antarctica....

  • if this happens in reallife mankind will become the god of Venus

  • 0:36 'It might be easier than you think' : Constructing a planetary mirror system, constructing an arteficial moon, moving enough ice straight through half of the Solar System. Yup, definetly easier than I thought.

  • Why not try it on Earth first and reduce the current CO2 levels to reduce global warming.

  • Wouldn’t it be different without a moon to create tides and water would just be stagnant? Or would the mirrors circling the planet create movement?

  • How do you make a stationary mirror in space?

  • How will we make so big mirror that can cover venus

  • 7:53 love the splatoon salmonoid in the background

  • Who knows...... If Elon Musk also watched this video.

  • Quick idea for the use of the sequestered co2 (sorry if I misspelt that). plants breath in co2 and leave oxygen as a by product. so if we give plants co2, we could effectivlehy manufsacture oxygen. its just a idea and i wouldnt be surpried if it was wrong.

  • Bruh to reach at that level of technology it will take us more than 500years if compared to today's technology 😑 It will be better if we use that technology to change earth again into in living state instead of wasting materials on venus 😑

  • 1:24 dang bruh he dead dead O_O

  • Maybe….just maybe… the moon is a giant mirror that’s been covered in rocks and dust from impacts that an alien race used to terraform earth.

  • We can't even take care of our own earth. We would just destroy another planet like a virus.

  • Kurzgesagt always makes me hopeful for our future

  • Reply what you’d call our new planet.

  • It might be easier to just buy another Earth-like planet from the Ferengi!

  • Jesus you fucking killed Mars colonists.

  • F O M O: Fear of mussing out

  • This is actually harder and longer than I thought. Booo

  • can someone explain the coronavirus mention part at 3:55? its talking about a opaque solar sail..... with coronavirus? wtf

    • It's a comparison to show that doesnt need to be very thick. A mirror as thick and a virus' diameter would suffice.

  • How about we push Europa and make it hit Venus!

  • 7:48 if you look at the right you see a red cheep cheep from super mario

  • 7:50 the salmonid also has his golden egg!

  • We should totally do this. If we allow ourselves to succumb to a random large asteroid ☄️ that is meaningless

  • Thank you, trying this method tomroow

  • We call it "Greenus"

  • Its like Star Wars

  • 👁️👄👁️

  • God hasn't unlocked the Venus stage yet Kurzegesagt but you keep trying to glitch thru FIRIN YA LAZUHS! 😅

  • why is there coronavirus on the mirror (3:54)

    • To show that the mirror doesnt need to be very thick to reflect the necessary amount of light. A metallic mirror as deep and a virus' diameter would suffice

  • Bruh but if something hits the mirror things???

  • highly unlikely

  • Venus: Nothing Can Survive On Me Humans: *i am 4 parallel universes ahead of you.*

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  • You actually should'nt make it into another earth because there will be many astreoids hitting and it'll turn all back to before

  • Also all planets generate geomagnetic energy that can easily be harnessed for wireless electricity.

  • Yo this video should go to scientists and do this with future technologies

  • am gonna miss the fall seson

  • Such an easy diy!!

  • -laughs in the traveler- (Props if you get that)

  • You know it's Kurzgesagt when "Quickly" is thousands of years.

  • What about solar flares?

  • Can we do this please, just come on, lets quit our bullshit and get started on the real work? no? okay for now

  • The racial print embryologically encourage because semicolon explicitly water inside a coherent exhaust. loving, cold zephyr

  • imagine a new animal on venus poggers

  • I am so amazed every time I watch your videos oh my god. I very much appreciate the way you portray science in such an imaginative way and don't sugar coat it too much like damn, I'm definitely showing these kinds of videos to my little sister when she's older like I grew up with mythbusters and animal planet and it's such a fundamental thing to me. I just love palatable science content so much

  • i love how they HAD to put “quickly’ in the title

  • “Hey ferb, i know what we’re gonna do today!”

  • Sure, we still have about 5 - 10 billion years before our sun turns into a supergiant, but why go closer to the sun if you can find planets or moons further away and at a safer distance from a potential supergiant?

  • anyone else hear the metal gear solid phantom pain song during the sky hook section? Woahaaaaaaah XD

  • Bold of you to assume humanity will be around 1000 years from now, let alone whenever we decide to start this project.

  • if it does get tarafromed i would live there

  • Elon musk needs to know this

  • One day this video is gonna be the guideline for the guy who colonized Venus

  • Or we could stop global warming (・_・;)

  • At that point just keep launching big asteroids at it until the atmosphere breaks and its just a completely void rock that happens to be in the goldie lock zone.

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  • The only thing stopping us from Terraforming Venus, is money

  • I imagine r/nextlevel and r/madlads "200 years ago this would've been impossible

  • We'd legit be gods

  • Kurzgesagt: Terraforming Venus using mirrors, algi, bacteria, water from Europa. Russians: Just nuke it! It'll be alright, the CO2 will start splitting radioactivlly!

  • I think kurzgesagt handed the creation of this one video to a 10yrs old kid this time.